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Manufacturing / subcontracting / processing:

  • Inexpensive and fast processing of standard material, sheets 2200 x 950 mm. Thicknesses from 0.2 - 50 mm. Pipes up to 3000 mm in length
  • Large stock of standard materials available, making extremely fast delivery times possible
  • Cutting / cutting, chamfering, angular cutting
  • CNC drilling, thread cutting, inserting inserts in pipes and sheets
  • CNC milling of contours, pocket sheets
  • CNC milling of pipes using a 4-axis milling machine
  • Assembly of products, fixture construction for gluing, stacking or screwing
  • Construction check for fiber-friendly design
  • For assemblies check of tolerantes and fits of the components to each other
  • Advice on the special features of CFRP and analysis of customer application with regard to thermal expansion, UV stability, contact corrosion, electrical conductivity, etc.

Custom-made products:

  • Redesign of metal structures in CFRP
  • Manufacture of molded parts from CFRP, GFRP, aramid or natural fibers
  • Manufacture of molds and devices
  • Calculation, construction, layout and design of components and groups
  • Implementation of highly complex assemblies and constructions in our prototype workshop (wind tunnel models, furniture design, light aircraft)
  • Technology development in cooperation with well-known manufacturers and research institutes in the field of fiber composites, including funded by the BMWi

Milling carbon